Rapport de l'analyse de la valeur ajoutée du projet Eau potable saine et propre

6 juillet 2016 - [Anglais seulement] This value for money report (the “Report”) has been prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (“PwC”) for the purposes of the City of Saint John (the “City”). The initial business case concluded that the alternative procurement models (DBFOM for the Primary Infrastructure and DBF for the Additional Infrastructure) yielded positive value for money. Once the preferred proponent was selected, the VFM analysis was updated in order to confirm that the price proposed by this team delivered value for money to the City. This was done by replacing the Shadow Bid estimates with the preferred proponent’s bid. The updated VFM in this Report takes into consideration the following changes in the Project scope between the conclusion of the Business Case and this Report.