Screening for P3 Viability

Economic Action Plan 2013 announced that all projects with capital costs of more than $100 million submitted to the Building Canada Fund will be subject to a screen for P3 viability.

PPP Canada has a mandate to work with Infrastructure Canada and Building Canada Fund applicants to screen designated projects for P3 viability. To this end, the Corporation has developed tools to support the screening process. These tools are designed to guide applicants through the screening process on a step-by-step basis.

Projects that are found to demonstrate potential to succeed as a P3 will be required to work with PPP Canada to develop a Procurement Options Analysis. The Government of Canada has allocated $10M to support preparation of Procurement Options Analyses.

For more information on the Building Canada Fund P3 screen, please contact us.

For broader information on the Building Canada Fund, please contact Infrastructure Canada

The P3 Screening Matrix for use by NBCF clients can be obtained through Infrastructure Canada.

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