P3s and the New Building Canada Fund

"Canadians deserve the best public services for their hard-earned tax dollars, and when an infrastructure project can generate better value for money by being delivered through a P3, it should be delivered as a P3."

Economic Action Plan 2013

Economic Action Plan 2013 announced the implementation of a P3 screen to be applied to projects with capital costs of more than $100 million submitted by provinces, territories and municipalities for funding under the New Building Canada Fund.

Project proposals will be assessed to determine whether they could deliver better value through P3 procurement than through traditional procurement. 

Under the P3 Screen, large infrastructure projects that present preliminary P3 potential will be required to assess a range of procurement options, including a P3 approach, through both quantitative and financial analyses. This assessment is undertaken to determine whether a P3 approach could provide better Value for Money than a traditional procurement approach.

PPP Canada is the Government of Canada's centre of expertise on P3s and plays a key role in supporting the application of the P3 screen.

The New Building Canada Fund is administered by Infrastructure Canada. For more information on the Fund, please continue on to their site.

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