Federal Procurement Support

The Government of Canada is committed to supporting P3 public infrastructure opportunities that deliver maximum value for Canadians, stimulate the economy, create jobs and support long-term prosperity. To this end, it gave PPP Canada a mandate to assess federal P3 opportunities and advise on the execution of federal P3s.

In addition to determining the P3 suitability for their infrastructure projects, PPP Canada has the technical knowledge and expertise to support federal departments and agencies to ensure that proper due diligence is followed across all stages of the project development lifecycle. We work with our clients throughout the P3 development process to apply best practices, perform due diligence, and refine procurement documents and legal agreements. We can also help our federal clients tap into the array of experts available in the Canadian P3 market. The result is a well-structured procurement that produces maximum value for taxpayers while ensuring transparency, fairness and competitiveness.

Our Service Offerings Include:

  • Development project development plans
  • Application of best practices
  • Recruitment of specialized advisors
  • Design of research plans, methodologies, and presentations
  • Preparation of robust risk analyses & Value for Money assessments
  • Development of procurement options analyses
  • Optimal procurement structuring
  • Preparation of briefing packages for decision-makers
  • Project communications planning

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