Biosolids Energy Centre (Greater Victoria, BC)

Project Description

The Biosolids Energy Centre is a linked component of the CRD’s overall water treatment program. The new treatment facility will be located at the existing Hartland landfill site and will include design and construction of:

  • A sludge dewatering and stabilization facility;
  • A biosolids storage and truck loading facility;
  • Pumping stations; and
  • 18km of pipes to carry the sludge separated out at the new McLoughlin wastewater treatment plant to the Biosolids Centre. 

The P3 approach for the Biosolids Centre will provide numerous benefits.  Specifically, private sector innovation will be leveraged to transfer risks related to design, construction costs, whole lifecycle costs, operational risk and resource recovery. Once selected, the private sector proponent will be responsible for designing, building, financing, operating and maintaining the new Biosolids Centre for a total concession period of 25 years.

The CRD of Victoria will have ownership of the facility at all times and will maintain accountability for the project through a performance-based contract to ensure high performance standards are met throughout the life of the contract. This provides the CRD with assurances that they can hold the private partner accountable for performance thus protecting taxpayer funds.

Project Information

Federal funding : $83.40 Million

Procurement Model : Design-Build-Finance-Operations-Maintenance (25 - year concession)

P3 Canada Fund Infrastructure Category : Wastewater Infrastructure